What's all this about?

Our mission is to enhance the way we interact with our connected surroundings with the assistance of wearable devices.

Our vision is that wearables will be commonly present in our everyday lives as an extension of our own bodies simplifying our daily tasks.


Interact seamlessly
with technology.


Designed for
everyday use.


Use it everywhere,
with everything.


  • September 2013

    Nerve Wearables is born

    We successfully built the first proof of concept of our gesture sensor, the heart of our technology.

  • September 2014

    We made it wearable

    After a long year of hard work and many designs, we presented the first wearable version at the 12th ITBA Electronics Fair.

  • January 2015

    A new beginning

    We worked on some new ideas to empower the technology, improving looks and usability.

  • June 2015

    Say "Hi" to iMo

    iMo is our latest product concept, featuring a first step into the realm of gaming and VR.


    What comes next? You

    It's time to take our prototypes and turn them into the beautiful companions you'll love to wear every day. Stay tuned!


Nerve Wearables @ C5N


Nerve Wearables @ CN23


12th ITBA Electronics Fair

See the armband prototype in action!

Latam Engineering Congress 2014


Innovar 2014


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